Andy Szura

Preconstruction Director

Preconstruction Director

Andy has been in the electrical industry since 1985. He started his career as an apprentice through the Colorado State Apprenticeship Program.

Andy joined Rex Moore in 1988 and serves as Rex Moore’s Director of Preconstruction. Andy’s main focus is integrating the sales, engineering and detailing design processes while maintaining close working relationships with our clients.

During his tenure at Rex Moore, Andy accumulated critical field experience and became an expert in the data center field. He worked in the Operations, Service and Sales departments at a variety of positions. His optimistic attitude and dedication to our client’s needs have lead to Andy being one of our key executive team members and the evangelist for the needs of Rex Moore’s clients.

Andy played an instrumental role in the company’s Lean transformation and worked with other team members to develop the Rex Moore Production System. Andy’s ability to understand industry trends with a focus on lowering client costs is an important contributing factor to why Rex Moore is a leader by innovative design.

Andy enjoys spending time with his family camping, riding ATVs or traveling. Andy’s children are off to college so he looks forward to anytime he can spend with the whole family together.


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